Podcast: Abpro Chairman & CEO Ian Chan and Shahraab Ahmad, Chairman & CEO of Atlantic Coastal II (ACAB)
by Kristi Marvin on 2024-03-13 at 7:42am

Developing new medical treatments takes time and money, which is generally where investors come in. But, has managed to resolve many of those questions before SPAC investors will join the show.

This week, we speak with Abpro Chairman and CEO Ian Chan and Shahraab Ahmad, Chairman and CEO of Atlantic Coastal Acquisition Corp II (Nasdaq: ACAB). The two announced a $725 million dollar combination in September 2023.

Shahraab explains how Abpro came onto Atlantic Coastal II’s radar after the SPAC had originally been fishing in the mobility space, and why the particularities of its capital needs could be a fit for the current market conditions.

Ian also walks through Abpro’s clinical path moving forward and how it can use a mix of its internal discovery engines and M&A to expand its portfolio.

Give it a listen.


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