Podcast: XCF Global’s CEO Mihir Dange and Focus Impact BH3’s Co-CEO Wray Thorn
by Ashley Penfield on 2024-06-05 at 9:40am

The world has a long way to go to meet climate goals, especially airlines. There is currently no alternative to jet fuel-powered passenger planes on the horizon, which puts the focus on sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF.

This week, we speak with Mihir Dange, CEO of XCF Global and Wray Thorn, co-CEO of Focus Impact BH3 Acquisition Company (NASDAQ:BHAC). The two signed a $1.8 billion combination in March and aim to create one of the only pureplay SAF producers on the public markets.

XCF is in the process of converting existing diesel facilities to produce SAF and Mihir explains why this approach is key to bringing production online faster.

Wray also lays out the financial case for backing SAF production and how a SPAC deal plays into XCF’s future funding mix.







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