Terran Orbital (NYSE:LLAP) Gets Boost from Contract News Amid Market Challenges
by Marlena Haddad on 2023-10-26 at 2:27pm

Much like its peers in the world of space de-SPACs, Tailwind Two‘s de-SPAC Terran Orbital (NYSE:LLAP) has weathered its fair share of market turbulence, including a NYSE delisting notice for trading under a $1. But, the company could be headed for a comeback, zooming up +26.5% over the past week on positive headlines.

The satellite manufacturer made waves in the space industry yesterday by announcing a new contract with the European Space Agency. Valued at $4.7 million, the contract revolves around an ambitious in-orbit servicing mission, involving the deployment of a nanosatellite spacecraft from Space Rider, the agency’s uncrewed robotic laboratory.

Terran Orbital’s ascent continued this morning as defense contractor Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LME) awarded a further $7.7 million contract to the company. This contract is part of an ongoing satellite design and manufacturing program, with the cumulative value of the contract reaching up to $52 million.

Terran Orbital already has a well-established partnership with Lockheed Martin, which invested in its $50.8 million PIPE connected to the Tailwind Two deal. So, more projects between the duo could be on the horizon.

Last year, Terran Orbital delivered 10 satellite buses to Lockheed in support of its Tranche 0 Transport Layer contract and it is already working on 42 more for Tranche 1 scheduled to launch in 2024. The company was recently awarded the contract for 36 more buses for Tranche 2, for a total $816 million contract, slated for completion in late 2026.

These developments could swing some momentum for Terran Orbital, or at least get it over the $1 requirement for the NYSE. The company opened today at $0.87 having entered the week at $0.65, and it is down slightly in mid-afternoon trading to about $0.82.

If this news does not do the trick, Terran Orbital is exploring various avenues to regain compliance, among them a reverse stock split, contingent upon stockholder approval.

The company’s CEO, Mark Bell, is set to address this price deficiency issue at a meeting today to give shareholders more transparency around this and its contracts in an attempt to improve its standing in the market.

Terran Orbital stands among a group of 13 other space de-SPACs, which last closed at a median price of $1.76. Many of these peers have already turned to stock splits to propel them over the $1 threshold. Adjusted for such splits, this group trades at a median price of $1.07.


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