Podcast: Solidion (STI) and Nubia Brand International CEO Jaymes Winters
by Kristi Marvin on 2024-03-08 at 8:21am

Not all SPAC officers get involved in order to ride the process all the way to a seat as CEO of the combined company, but Jaymes Winters walks us through his journey of how he started Nubia Brand International Corp as a newcomer to the asset class and why he is now leading its target company, Solidion (Nasdaq: STI).

This week we’ll speak with Jaymes about the changing set of options SPACs have at their disposal to raise funding and find a deal the market can appreciate in the current climate.

And, how Solidion has the potential to bring greener, US-based materials to the EV battery space after its SPAC-led spinoff from the Global Graphene Group.

Give it a listen.


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